I am becoming quite interested in the way we approach waste – i.e. how we can reduce waste, how we can reinvent waste management, and how we can make conservation decisions on a daily basis.  I’ve just started my research into these issues and came across a very interesting company in India that I would like to share with you.

THUNK (view website)

Thunk is exploring various ways of processing, weaving and productualizing waste materials into amazing designs that make a statement.  They explore with household, industrial and natural waste materials such as:

Non recyclable Waste Materials
Lays/Kurkure plastic packets
Polythene bags
Eco Friendly Materials
Coconut Husk

A lot of these waste materials have a huge life but only a small percent of its life is utilized before it is discarded and reaches the dump yards.  Thunk uses this so called waste, as new rich raw materials to innovate (processing innovations, weave exploration and product innovation) with and create new products that would replace all that we use in our day to day life. This would not only utilize the waste materials and increase its life but also reduce new natural resources from being eaten.