The “Bi-Polar” Presidency

“First let me say that any business editor who uses the word “awesome” to describe a financial chart with GDP numbers and stock market returns sorted by presidency ought to be banished to the 1990s, constrained to a geographic area, like, not to exceed the political boundaries of the San Fernando Valley.

At the very least he should be forced to take a starter course in Microsoft Excel- for all eternity.

Awesome should be reserved for things that are, well, awesome: the face of God, the initial bombing campaign against Saddam Hussein, the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series.

The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson, the awesome senior business editor extraordinaire- as long as we are using clichés, let’s go for it- makes the case in The Obama Record: It Was the Best of Terms, It Was the Worst of Terms that economically Obama matches up with the best of presidents because the stock market has gone from 6,000 to 13,000 while he was in the Oval Office.

And, yes, Thompson uses the word “awesome.” He also uses other overwrought words and phrases like when he describes Obama’s economic record as “bi-polar”- meaning “good”-  and he asserts that “energy and multinational companies have led a stock boom that rivals the Dot-Com bubble.” – John Ransom



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