Google Continuing to Bypass the Privacy of Millions

This is just sad.  I can’t believe that Google is stooping to these lows.  I have deleted all copies of Chrome from my machines and will probably start to phase out my gmail address.  If Google is spying on people through third party browsers, just imagine what they are doing with their own software.

“Regulators in the U.S. and European Union are investigating Google for  bypassing the privacy settings of millions of users of Apple’s Safari Web browser. Google stopped the practice last month after being contacted by The Wall Street Journal.

The investigations—which span U.S. federal and state agencies, as well as a pan-European effort led by France—could embroil Google in years of legal battles and result in hefty fines for privacy violations. The Journal in February reported that Google was using special computer code to install tiny tracking files, or ‘cookies,’ on some people’s computers, iPhones and iPads, even if the devices were set to block this kind of tracking.” – WSJ



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