Obama loves Wall Street


The ad points to the hypocrisy of President Obama’s criticism of Wall Street compared to his cozy relationship with Wall Street executives.

He has been a vocal critic of Wall Street, claiming he wasn’t elected to help “fat cat bankers on Wall Street.”  But his past and present tell a different story.

Obama voted for the Wall Street bailout.

Then he accepted $42 million for his campaign from Wall Street bankers and financial insiders.  More than any other candidate in history.

Finally he filled his White House full of Wall Street Executives.  His new Chief of Staff, Jack Lew, accepted a nearly $1 million bonus from Citigroup after taxpayers bailed them out.  And in the ultimate act of irony, Obama appointed Jon Corzine – who lost $1.2 billion in investor money on Wall Street – to be his advisor on stimulus.


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