Park City Vantage Point Puts Tragedy of American Health Care in Vivid Relief

“The irony is that had the accident occurred in Canada, her family would not be having to come up with more than half a million dollars to pay for her care,” wrote Potter, an analyst for the Center for Public Integrity. “Her care would have been covered because, unlike the U.S., Canada has a system of universal coverage.”

Huffington Post article here

Kerstin Johnsson commented:  I find this very odd. If I need health care while abroad, my private insurance covers the costs regardless where in the world I am. So, if the Canadian government is officially every Canadian’s health care provider, why then do they not cover citizens abroad in the same way? My guess — it would be far too expensive. This is yet another reason why universal health care sucks for all involved!

Of course, the liberal media ignores this significant down side to universal health care (as well as many others), opting instead to turn it into a story bemoaning the lack of universal health care in the US. Ironic indeed.

Koy T commented:  If you can afford health care, access in the US is tops. I can’t say our outcomes are the best in the world. Burke’s vertebral artery injury is a devastating condition that would likely have left her a combination of paralyzed, blind, or speechless. Potter seems to think her care would have been free. The internal cost would have been not as much as here but a nine day stay in the ICU with neurosurgical care as well as interventional neuroradiology care would have driven the cost well over 100000. Moreover, should a public good such as universal health care be held responsible for a person engaged in risky behavior? Universal health care is generally a good thing, but the US is unable to prevent gaming the system which is one of the reasons why Canada has clamped down on immigration of parents and older relatives of Canadian residents. They drive up costs without increasing tax receipts. Canadians overseas carry their own insurance for cost reasons. No government is willing to pay for health care for nonrevenue generating citizens. I think Potter wishes to make amends for his past career as an insurance executive. Potter should pick a new line of work.

Jack F. Stuart II commented:  Thanks, Andrew, for the article highlighting the worldview of the whacked. As for the clown act that authored it, he is totally out of touch with reality. The role of incentives in the marketplace — yes, even [actually, especially] the healthcare marketplace — cannot be understated. Whether Potter knows it or not, he is of a mind with the “99%, Occupy-the-Planet” crowd: he wants something for nothing. Yet another reason the U.S. is $15+ trillion in debt and counting …


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