Facebook IPO News

You think Bay Area housing prices are crazy now… just wait my friends… just wait. That 28 year old kid who has been selling online advertising for the last 6 years is going to buy your 3 million house, tear it down, and build a 10 million house… and that’s just for her butler to live in.

See the WSJ article by clicking here.

thebrackpipe commented:  Am I jealous? You better believe it. All I do is help market and sell novel, minimally invasive cardiac devices that extend life and improve quality of life. FB’s response – “We feel for you, Andrew. How about a free version of Farmville Plus? It really unlocks the power of FB.”

Kerstin Johnsson commented:  It already started happening last spring, and by fall, every house I looked at sold for ALL cash. Argh!
thebrackpipe commented:  Damn… why couldn’t I have just sold advertising!!! Why, why!!!
Jessica Shambora commented:  I like that you said “her”
Eliot Hodges commented:  Apparently a lot of hedge funds have bought up a lot of properties in SOMA in anticipation of the IPO.
Nick Damiano commented:  As a fellow medical device guy, I feel your pain. The world doesn’t value what we do as much as what, say, a Facebook advertising associate or an investment banker does. Hell, the world values me less now than it did when I was pushing subprime mortgages on people 5 years ago. Best case for people like us is that our company will sell out to a Medtronic or the like for 1/100 of Facebook’s value. But hey, at least you can go home every night to the two room pool house you’re renting behind that Facebook employee’s $10 million mansion feeling good about the work you’re doing. Isn’t that worth it?
thebrackpipe commented:  It is absolutely worth it. As much as I’ll complain about this FB IPO, I wouldn’t trade working in the healthcare field. Speaking of… back to saving lives : )
Kerstin Johnsson commented:  Ummm, can I just note that as a marketing/sales guy, you’re still making significantly more than most of those engineers that actually INVENTED and DEVELOPED that life-saving device… Just sayin’… Life’s a lot more fair to “your kind” than mine. :-\
Jessica Shambora commented:  Hey guys, just want to note here that Facebook has changed a lot of people’s lives and the only way we can keep doing that is by having a business model that supports the platform. Thanks to capitalism, that happens to be advertising. So if you want to be sour, complain about that.
Koy T commented:  Medicine is a commodity, but that Farmville. Farmville will rule the world! Sweet if I could only capture my lost sheep. :p
thebrackpipe commented:  I’m sour about capitalism… wait… no… I’m not… I just want to live where I work. I don’t want to commute from San Ramon!
Koy T:  Don’t be bitter. Just start a revolution in some banana republic.


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